I'm Rory. 22. Christian. Daydreamer.
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Do our hearts truly hunger after God? Or do we simply tell our hearts to hunger after God. Either way, we must never stop seeking after Him; because He will have us, whether we want Him or not.

One day, we will wake up with the desire to seek Him, and realize that the longing that we thought the world would satisfy is slowly being satisfied only by Christ.

—T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

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God won’t tie your soul to a dead-end dream.

Lou Engle (via pureblyss)

Oh, my. I needed this so badly today.

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Whenever someone asks me my opinion about gay people, or people who support abortion, or people who picket funerals, or people of other religions, or transgender people, or overly religious people, I usually say, “You mean what do I think about people?  Well I’m a people too, and we’re all pretty screwed up.  And I think we all need Jesus.”

God loves people.  We’re all invited.  End of story.

— J

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